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 * Names.h - names and types used by ascmagic in file(1).
 * These tokens are here because they can appear anywhere in
 * the first HOWMANY bytes, while tokens in /etc/magic must
 * appear at fixed offsets into the file. Don't make HOWMANY
 * too high unless you have a very fast CPU.
 * Copyright (c) Ian F. Darwin, 1987.
 * Written by Ian F. Darwin.
 * $Id: names.h,v 1.2 1996/01/23 12:40:19 mpp Exp $

/* these types are used to index the table 'types': keep em in sync! */
#define L_C 0           /* first and foremost on UNIX */
#define     L_FORT      1           /* the oldest one */
#define L_MAKE    2           /* Makefiles */
#define L_PLI     3           /* PL/1 */
#define L_MACH    4           /* some kinda assembler */
#define L_ENG     5           /* English */
#define     L_PAS 6           /* Pascal */
#define     L_MAIL      7           /* Electronic mail */
#define     L_NEWS      8           /* Usenet Netnews */

static char *types[] = {
      "C program text",
      "FORTRAN program text",
      "make commands text" ,
      "PL/1 program text",
      "assembler program text",
      "English text",
      "Pascal program text",
      "mail text",
      "news text",
      "can't happen error on names.h/types",

static struct names {
      char *name;
      short type;
} names[] = {
      /* These must be sorted by eye for optimal hit rate */
      /* Add to this list only after substantial meditation */
      {"/*",            L_C}, /* must precede "The", "the", etc. */
      {"#include",      L_C},
      {"char",    L_C},
      {"The",           L_ENG},
      {"the",           L_ENG},
      {"double",  L_C},
      {"extern",  L_C},
      {"float",   L_C},
      {"real",    L_C},
      {"struct",  L_C},
      {"union",   L_C},
      {"CFLAGS",  L_MAKE},
      {"LDFLAGS", L_MAKE},
      {"all:",    L_MAKE},
      {".PRECIOUS",     L_MAKE},
/* Too many files of text have these words in them.  Find another way
 * to recognize Fortrash.
#ifdef      NOTDEF
      {"subroutine",    L_FORT},
      {"function",      L_FORT},
      {"block",   L_FORT},
      {"common",  L_FORT},
      {"dimension",     L_FORT},
      {"integer", L_FORT},
      {"data",    L_FORT},
#endif      /*NOTDEF*/
      {".ascii",  L_MACH},
      {".asciiz", L_MACH},
      {".byte",   L_MACH},
      {".even",   L_MACH},
      {".globl",  L_MACH},
      {".text",   L_MACH},
      {"clr",           L_MACH},
      {"(input,", L_PAS},
      {"dcl",           L_PLI},
      {"Received:",     L_MAIL},
      {">From",   L_MAIL},
      {"Cc:",           L_MAIL},
      {"Newsgroups:",   L_NEWS},
      {"Path:",   L_NEWS},
      {NULL,            0}
#define NNAMES ((sizeof(names)/sizeof(struct names)) - 1)

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