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/*    fs_io 3
/*    file system I/O routines
/*    #include "fstools.h"
/*    void  fs_read_block(fs, buf, len, addr, comment)
/*    FS_INFO *fs;
/*    FS_BUF      *buf;
/*    int   len;
/*    DADDR_T     addr;
/*    const char *comment;
/*    void  fs_read_random(fs, buf, len, offs, comment)
/*    FS_INFO *fs;
/*    char  *buf;
/*    int   len;
/*    OFF_T offs;
/*    const char *comment;
/*    fs_read_block() reads a block of data from the named file system.
/*    fs_read_random() reads from an arbitrary position.
/*    Arguments:
/* .IP fs
/*    File system handle.
/* .IP buf
/*    Result buffer pointer.
/* .IP len
/*    Amount of bytes to be read.
/* .IP addr
/*    Block number.
/* .IP fd
/*    Open device file.
/* .IP offs
/*    Byte offset.
/* .IP comment
/*    Text logged with verbose logging.
/*    This software is distributed under the IBM Public License.
/*    Wietse Venema
/*    IBM T.J. Watson Research
/*    P.O. Box 704
/*    Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA

#include "fs_tools.h"
#include "mymalloc.h"
#include "error.h"

/* fs_read_block - read a block from a file system */

void    fs_read_block(FS_INFO *fs, FS_BUF *buf, int len, DADDR_T addr,
                          const char *comment)
    char   *myname = "fs_read_block";
    OFF_T   offs;

     * Sanity checks.
    if (len % DEV_BSIZE)
      panic("%s: len %d not multiple of %d", myname, len, DEV_BSIZE);
    if (len > buf->size)
      panic("%s: len %d > %d", myname, len, buf->size);

     * Bummer: with the 32-bit file model, Solaris 7 read() won't go past 2GB
     * seek offsets, so we must use pread() instead of read(). When printing
     * disk offsets, convert to double in case they have huge file offset
     * types and the number does not fit in an unsigned long.
    buf->addr = addr;
    offs = (OFF_T) addr *fs->block_size;

    if (verbose)
      fprintf(logfp, "%s: read block %lu offs %.0f len %d (%s)\n",
            myname, (ULONG) addr, (double) offs, len, comment);
#ifdef USE_PREAD
    if (pread(fs->fd, buf->data, len, offs) != len)
      error("read (%d@%.0f): %m", len, (double) offs);
    if (fs->seek_pos != offs)
      if (LSEEK(fs->fd, offs, SEEK_SET) != offs)
          error("lseek (%.0f): %m", (double) offs);
    if (read(fs->fd, buf->data, len) != len)
      error("read (%d@%.0f): %m", len, (double) offs);
    fs->seek_pos = offs + len;
    buf->used = len;

/* fs_read_random - random-access read */

void    fs_read_random(FS_INFO *fs, char *buf, int len, OFF_T offs,
                           const char *comment)
    char   *myname = "fs_read_random";
    int     count;

    if (verbose)
      fprintf(logfp, "%s: read offs %.0f len %d (%s)\n",
            myname, (double) offs, len, comment);
    if (LSEEK(fs->fd, offs, SEEK_SET) != offs)
      error("seek offset %lu: %m", (ULONG) offs);
    if ((count = read(fs->fd, buf, len)) != len)
      error("read: %m");

    fs->seek_pos = offs + len;

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